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Stark Digital Agency: Cookie Policy

An online cookie policy is a legal statement or disclosure that informs visitors about the use of cookies on a website. Cookies are small text files stored on a user's device by the web browser, which help the website remember user preferences, track activities, and provide personalized experiences. 

The cookie policy typically includes details about the types of cookies used, their purposes, and whether they are first-party (set by the website) or third-party (set by external services). It also outlines how long the cookies remain on the user's device and how the collected data is used.

The policy explains how users can manage or disable cookies through their browser settings and may provide information on the implications of opting out. Additionally, it clarifies how the website complies with relevant data protection laws and shares links to the website's privacy policy for more comprehensive information.

Overall, the cookie policy is crucial for transparency, ensuring users are aware of their online data being collected and processed, and it helps website owners maintain legal compliance.

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